REVIEW - Bite Me! by Melissa Francis

Bite Me! (Bite Me, #1)Bite Me! by Melissa Francis

Series: Bite Me

Book No.: 1

Rating: 4 / 5 (☼☼☼☼)

Book Type: Own

First Sentence: My mother's wedding day.

Summary: (Goodreads!)
AJ isn't your typical seventeen-year-old vampire—as if there is such a thing! She's stuck in the middle of a huge fight between her two BFFs. Her ex-boyfriend—whom she's still totally in love with, by the way—is now her stepbrother. A former classmate—who, um, she may or may not have turned into a vampire—is stalking her. And now, apparently, the fate of humankind lies in her little undead hands. Whatever happened to the good old days, when all a vampire girl had to worry about was the occasional zit and hiding her taste for blood?

Review: Yes. The summary sounds cliché, but don’t judge it by that! I picked up this book just as something cute and fast to read, and while it is that, it’s also a book that you can tell the author put a lot of thought into.

AJ, the main character, is very lovable. Very smart yet very stupid due to her teenage years. She has fallen in love with Ryan, but then they have to stop their relationship. Why? Because AJ’s mother and Ryan’s father have decided to get married. Ugh. If it could only get better. But it doesn’t. Ryan starts to act like a jerk, so AJ decides to try to seduce one of the guys at the party, Noah. Turns out she doesn’t want sex, but he tries to force it on her. She, well, kinda sorta maybe perhaps possibly turned him into a vampire. She also starts to trust one teacher way too much than she should have because her trust for him will lead to her downfall . . .  

I have to admit, I thought this book was going to be horrible, but the author takes the vampire realm and puts a bunch of twists into it, making it adorable and lovable. I can feel what the characters feel, and while some of the plot was very predictable, the parts that weren’t were enjoyable and very entertaining.

All in all, if you want something that’ll make you think of how you like your vampires, read this book. I enjoyed it myself.

Cover: BADMIT IT! It’s adorable! (: The ‘S’ on her neck stands for something, you know.