Hello! (Update)

I was seriously thinking of just starting fresh, reviewing from another blog and steadily gaining traction again as a serious book blogger. I can't do that. I couldn't abandon all of you awesome people! You guys deserve to know what happened to me, the poor blogger who went on hiatus for four years.

What has happened since then? Well, a lot to say the least.

(First, I want to apologize for my random absence and for no further updates. I want to start publishing on this blog again.)

I had an eventful several years. I got really, really sick, and it kept me from school. I had to undergo surgery to remove my gallbladder. It took me a year longer to graduate high school because of this hindrance but have no fear! I graduated high school.

Currently, I am enrolled in college pursuing a dual major in computer science and French. Eventually, I will pursue a Master's degree in meteorology. I've always wanted to be a meteorologist. Weather, man.

For now, since all the hectic life events have calmed down, I have rekindled my passion for reading. This has, in turn, rekindled my passion for discussing books and writing reviews.

So now I present to you the new-and-improved-and-still-sorta-being-worked-on Brianna's Book Affair!

"But, Brianna," the curious reader might ask, "wasn't it originally Best Friend's Book Affair?"

Why yes, curious reader. It WAS Best Friend's Book Affair. Due to some life things, it has been dropped to just me. (No, I know what you guys are thinking. Kirston and I are still friends. She's busy in another part of the state doing her own thing.)

So, hello, everyone! I hope you find me at least tolerable, and I hope you enjoy all the things I plan on posting soon!

Au revoir! (That's my partial French major being put to work.)

~ Brianna