Waiting on Wednesday (06)

I'm BAAAAACK! Thank you all for being awesome and patient while I took a little break from the book blogging aspect, but now, I'm back, and I'm more prepared then ever to start talking about books again. 

I hope you're all prepared.

Because I know I am. 

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)Now, I know what most of you are thinking: Hey, Brianna. It wouldn't work to read this if you haven't read the rest of the Vampire Academy Series. Well you know what, person that's reading this, I don't care. I'm speaking for Kirston as well. She's super psyched for this book, and it's released. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I know what to give her for Christmas. 

From the books I have read in the Vampire Academy Series (Vampire Academy, Frostbite, and Shadowkiss), I am excited to see how Mead tries to live up to her already great first series with this new one. I highly doubt she'll crumble under the pressure of drooling fans alike, but seriously. It's got to be one tough job.

Fateful by Claudia Gray

FatefulTwo reasons Brianna wants this: 
1) (The very obvious reason) It's by Claudia Gray. Yes, I know. Her other series is a vampire series, and yes, person, I know you've heard me say time and time again that I don't really read/like vampire novels. Well, just to let you know, her Evernight series was actually pretty cute, and I enjoyed it. (I still have to read the last one, though.) 
2) It's a flippin' Titanic retelling. Brianna = history guru/whore.
And it sounds incredibly.
(I just noticed something. There's like three different versions of the cover.)



Which one do you prefer? I like the one that's styled kind of like Fallen's cover.

Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Everneath (Everneath, #1)Yes, I received the ARC of this because I asked HarperTeen nicely for a copy. 
No, I'm not bragging. 
Yes, I wish to read it so bad. 
No, I can't because the blasted book doesn't come out until JANUARY. *wants to place review up near the publishing date FYI*
Yes, I can start reading it soon. 
No, I can't because I'm busy and have a million other books I should be reading for review.
Yes, I love books.
No, I don't feel burdened.

I really, really fell in love with the synopsis, (which, by the way, is right here) so I nicely asked for a copy, and ZOMYGOODNESS THEY DID. I read the first three chapters, and I wanted to read more because is alludes to Greek mythology mainly because most of it is about Greek mythology. 

*NOTED* If you haven't noticed that Brianna is a major fan of Greek mythology, you've been lost for about ever.

Son of Neptune by Rick Roidan

The Son of Neptune  (Heroes of Olympus, #2)First, if you haven't noticed that I'm a huge Rick Roidan fan, then you have been lost for about ever. 
Second, if you haven't noticed that I love Percy Jackson/Greek mythology/the combo, then you've never even looked at this blog. You probably saw the pretty template and joined because hearts make you happy. (People do that, ya know.) 
I have to say that The Lost Hero, which is another case of an author having a hard time measuring up to their well-known series, was a very awesome rendition of another group of demigods, but you can never replace Annabeth, Percy, and Grover. You just can't.
However, they get merged into this series, though, makes the Heroes of Olympus about 150% more awesome than it already was. Part of the reason it was awesome before that was because Rick Roidan was writing it.
Nuff said. 

The most direct way I can say this:
There's my fangasm that should be good for about another month. ;)


(I know it's technically Thursday, but shut up, you technical person.)


  1. Oooh, hard to decide which cover I like best ... I think the blue one as it seems the most mysterious lol

    So many awesome books, so little time {& money}, but I think the book I'm the most eager for is The Death Cure. Love that series!

    And welcome back :)

  2. WELCOME BACK!!! You've been missed!

    And yay for fangasms and geekgasms. Looks like lots of great books and coming our way. Looking forward to seeing your reviews of these, especially Everneath.


  3. Welcome back. Enjoyed your blog, as always.
    Pls stop over and say hi at mine.
    Having double giveaway of "Survivors" and
    "The Burning Soul" both hard cover first ed.s and could make nice Christmas presents.

  4. I just started following you! I am really looking forward to reading your reviews. :)

  5. I jts started following you and i love ur blog! I hope u like mine! :)

  6. I love Richelle Mead, her "Georgina Kincaid" series are the best. Oh and nice blog btw :)

  7. Finished reading Rick Roirdan's Kane Chronicles Trilogy, I love how he's able to put his own spin on such historical myths and legends.

  8. Hey, I love your blog, I recommended you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blog for more intimation :

  9. I love this, i will actually pick up a few of these up! I, too, am a HUGE Percy Jackson fan! I've loved it forever! I've just become a new follower of your blog and i love it!

    I have a new blog, if you want to check it out

    many thanks

    Valers :)

  10. I think I like the first cover best (of fateful). It looks so enticing! I actually haven't heard of Everneath. I, too, love to read about greek mythology. I'm going to be all over that book! Thanks for posting about it!

  11. You’ve be nominated for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more info:

  12. I've nominated you for the Liebster award :) The rules are on my blog! xxx

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