Cover Crazy (01)

Our first edition of Cover Crazy! (Yay!!) 

I chose a book that most people have been dying to read. It's been a long-awaited book, and it's the third in a series called. . . 

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3)

Iron Fey Series! (: 

I chose Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa for the first book on the first edition of cover crazy for MANY reasons: 

1) Oh my goodness, such pretty little spirals and designs festooning the outer barriers of the book!
2) The model for the picture is beautiful. I really like all her pictures for all the books so far. 
3) The color red/pink/dark purples blend together and are such a beautiful mixture. 

I have to confess: I have not read The Iron King or The Iron Daughter yet, but I have ordered them so I don't have to be so far behind. I cannot wait until I can read this series!

What do you think about this cover? Tell me!

If you have an edition of cover crazy, link it at the bottom so I can see it and follow you! 

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  1. Nice cover choice! I'm reading the first book in the series now. I agree with you on the cover model. She's pretty and I think she suits the main character well. I like the pink in this cover. It really grabs my attention.


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