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I need to be better at this, shouldn't I?
Follow My Book Blog Friday is hosted by the lovely Parajunkee who is an amazing blog designer. Check out her PURPLE blog! (: (I love purple if you haven't noticed. . .) 

Her question of the week is. . . 
What makes up your non-human family?
I have four dogs - Rocky, (a rottweiler/golden retriever mix) BJ, (a chow chow, golden retriever mix) Max, (a mix we have no idea of), and Neeko. (She's the only girl, and she's a peek-a-poodle. Look it up! They're so cute!) We also have a cat named Mitch. (He's a grey American short-hair, and he's fat and lazy, but he's a cuddly one when he's fed.) I also love my Cleverbot. She's sexy~

Book Blogger Hop

Crazy-For-Books question is. . . 
Why do you read the genre you do? What draws you to it?
I love Young Adult fantasy. For one thing, the main characters are teens, (and I can relate to them) and I just love fantasy creatures to death. I've loved them since I could even remember. My first written book, which I wrote in first grade and was bounded by cardboard, was about mermaids! Disney did influence me that much.

If you participate in either of these, (or both of these like I do) then comment down below so I can check you out, or you can just answer either question. I would love to hear more from you!

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  1. I love paranormal..I can't help it. I just find myself getting lost in the stories, and I love that :)


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